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Kayra Muslin Blanket

Kayra Muslin Blanket

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Our Kayra Muslin blanket offering supreme comfort and durability. Unique handmade embroidery design also adds to the beauty of these blankets.

Our Kayra Muslin blanket is inspired by modern, minimalist design.

Made from GOTS certified 100% organic combed Turkish cotton, Kayra Muslin blankets are extra soft, cosy, and pre-washed. They will stay soft even after dozens of washes, making them a superb long-term product you'll love.

These blankets are beautiful statement pieces which are machine washable, and can be tumble dried to help maintain luxurious softness.

Chemical free, nontoxic, hypoallergenic and organically created, these blankets are trusted for their high quality and durability. Perfect for everyday use, for your little ones or a wonderful gift idea for baby showers.

The Blanket size is 80 x 90cm

Available in one colour:


We care about how our textiles are made
Combing is a process of separating individual fibres, using a series of dividing and redividing steps, that causes the fibres to lie parallel to one another while also removing any impurities. This process removes short and rough fibres as well as any foreign materials found in cotton. The result is a stronger and brighter cotton; excellent for weaving.

This leads to our use of the best Turkish cotton, guaranteeing a 100% organic product. It's not just us saying so, all products are tested and certified to OEKO-TEX 100 standards in independent laboratories.

Gots and Oeko Tex